Mouldings Technical Manual & UL Testing

The three most critical design objectives are: aesthetics, functionality and sustainability.

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) or Cellular Concrete is an ultra lightweight concrete with a unique cellular structure that provides fire resistance, superior energy efficiency and acoustical properties.

The Cellular concrete products are easy to cut, drill, slot, grind, etc., which makes them easier to install than other building materials. 

Better Fire Protection Safer materials are better materials. Cellular concrete is fire resistant, totally inorganic, and does not contain any combustible materials. A 4” thick wall built with Cellular concrete blocks provides 4-hour fire resistance (UL Classified). Cellular concrete products provide maximum fire safety. It heats up significantly less and more slowly than other building materials and has the fire-resistance rating to prove it. Not surprisingly, Cellular concrete insulating properties are superior to other materials.

Good Acoustic Insulation The elements of the cellular concrete building system have acoustic insulation properties in excess of more traditional materials, reducing the transmission of sound.

Environmentally Sustainable Cellular concrete is a time-tested material that requires minimal maintenance. It does not contain any toxic substances during the manufacturing process nor in the final product. The material composition does not foster nor attract any pests.

Durability Cellular concrete products are very durable and will not degrade under normal climatic conditions. They have outstanding durability characteristics over traditional materials relative to humidity, freeze/thaw cycles and chemical attack.