Moulding Installation

Basic Installation Guide

1.1 Level and mark the desired location with chalk lines strip.

1.2 Install the temporary metal or wood support to receive the trim.

It is recommended to apply masking tape before installing the trim.

2.1 Prepare the strong flex adhesive mortar

2.2 Apply the adhesive mortar on the back of the molding and on the joints.

3.1 We position the molding on the support and press against the wall.

3.2 We remove the excess with a concrete spatula.

4.1 We continue with the same procedure.

4.2 To make the necessary cuts we use a wooden saw.

5 For the installation of the arch we use a provisional support.

6.1 After 20 minutes peel off the masking tape.

6.2 Remove the temporary bracket after 4 to 5 hours have elapsed after the trim is installed.

NOTE: Make sure that the contact area on which the molding will be placed is firm and free of dust, grease and especially vinyl-acrylic paint or stucco.